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Download Codegear Rad Studio 2009 Crack



Codegear RAD Studio 2009 Enterprise is a free version of Codegear RAD Studio 2009 with 20% discount. Click here to get a free version of Codegear RAD Studio 2009 Enterprise. RAD Studio 2010 RAD Studio 2010 is the successor of Codegear RAD Studio 2009 and the previous versions of RAD Studio. RAD Studio 2010 was released on 21 December 2009. It is the first release to include fixes for the longstanding memory leaks and crashes that occurred in previous versions. RAD Studio 2010 is available for Windows XP/Vista/7, Embarcadero RAD Studio for Win32, OS X and Linux. Features RAD Studio 10 has a built-in GUI builder based on Delphi 7, called Delphi Prism. The form designer supports most of the features of RAD Studio IDE such as design-time code generation, layout, properties, form events, data binding and code generation. In addition, it supports drag-and-drop components and uses the FireDAC relational database components. It also features a native Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) designer. Delphi Prism has some proprietary features, such as QuickProperty, which allows to use the PropertyGrid control to edit the GUI design, and a visual style editor. CodeGear extended their support for RAD Studio 10 to include CodeGear for Linux, which is cross-platform for Linux, OS X and Windows. RAD Studio 10 has a component library of about 80,000 components, as part of the Embarcadero Forms Library. RAD Studio 10 is 64-bit. RAD Studio 10 does not have support for the ObjectARX component, as there is no ObjectARX component available for Windows. The ObjectARX component is available for Linux and OS X and for Embarcadero Delphi 7, but not for the RAD Studio IDE. RAD Studio 10 is the first version of RAD Studio to include the ability to target Windows Mobile 6.5. The RAD Studio IDE for Windows Mobile includes a Mobile Project Designer, which is used to create Windows Mobile projects. Release history References External links Developer Information and Support from Embarcadero Community News Blog on the RAD Studio blog Delphi Developer Connection Category:.NET Framework Category:CodeGear software Category:Data access tools Category:Embarcadero Technologies Category:Object-oriented programming tools Category:P


Download Codegear Rad Studio 2009 Crack

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