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Ni Wayan Purnama Sari
​Ph.D. candidate  
Supervisor: Dr. James Guest

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I am interested in ornamental coral for commodity purpose, as my country, Indonesia, has been the biggest live coral exporter since 1990s. I am studying growth, survivorship, and ways to improve coral mariculture techniques in the aquarium in Bali. I am exploring their biological aspects such as habitat preferences and the potential stock in the wild, and the coral treatment combination using light regime and coral nutrients. During my research in Sulawesi and Bali, I plan to collaborate closely with the local community, providing hands-on training in coral propagation for conservation purposes. This collaborative effort aims to empower the community with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to coral conservation initiatives.

I've harbored a profound fascination for the ocean from the time I was born, having grown up in the Coral Triangle, a hotspot for coral reefs. In 2012, I earned my M.Sc. in Marine Biology from Airlangga University, where I had previously completed my B.Sc. in Biology in 2008. My master's thesis focused on studying the impact of sediment on the growth and symbiont density of Acropora nobilis and Acropora formosa. Since 2012, I've been employed as a Marine Biologist for Coral Reefs at the Research Centre for Oceanography, Research Centre and Innovation Agency (BRIN). Throughout this period, I have actively engaged in training and conservation initiatives within my country. Additionally, I contribute to the development of scientific documents that serve as recommendations for the government, specifically addressing issues related to marine health and sustainability.

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