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Jamie Craggs​

Aquarium Curator

PhD student at University of Derby  





Address:  Horniman Museum and Gardens

100 London Road

Forest Hill


SE23 3PQ

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I am currently the Aquarium Curator at the Horniman Museum & Gardens, London, UK. In addition, I am a Science Associate at the Natural History Museum, London and in 2016 I was elected as a fellow of the Linnean Society of London, the world’s oldest active biological society. 


Previously I have worked as the Head Aquarist at the London Aquarium during which time I developed my interest in coral biology. I have also worked as an underwater cameraman based in Borneo, filming, and photographing the amazing array of species that are found on the coral reefs in the Celebes seas. Since arriving at the Horniman in 2008 I have been improving the working practices, animal welfare standards, and captive breeding programs within the aquarium.


My main research interest is the reproductive biology of reef-building corals and in 2012 I founded PROJECT CORAL, a multi-year research project focused on developing techniques to predictably induce broadcast coral spawning events in closed system aquariums. To date, within the museum's closed-circuit research systems, gamete (egg and sperm) development has been induced in 18 Acropora species and in-vitro fertilization capacity developed to produce genetically diverse coral in captivity. Through developing a deeper understanding of broadcast spawning events in captivity Project Coral aims to support climate change research focusing on reproduction, reef restoration efforts and develop new sustainable coral aquaculture techniques. Alongside my other roles, I am a Ph.D. student with the University of Derby focusing on the topic Project Coral.

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