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George Huster

M.Phil student


Supervisors: Dr. James Guest, and Dr. Andrew Porter

      I am interested in the molecular biology, symbiosis biology and heat stress biology of corals. My current research focuses on the analysis of proteomic data collected from heat stress experiments from Palau, 2019. Specifically, I am investigating the intra-population protein variability of corals exposed to heat stress. 

      I graduated from Cambridge with a BA in 2022 with a degree in Plant and Microbial Biology, supported by courses in molecular biology. My BA research project and subsequent dissertation focused on symbiosis between Marchantia (An early diverging land plant) and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi. I spent the summer of 2022 after graduation interning at the Sainsbury Laboratory in Cambridge working on cell wall dynamics in Marchantia. I then spent the summer of 2023 interning at Swansea University working on algal bioreactors and the treatment of brewery waste. I am currently completing an MPhil at Newcastle University in Marine Biology. 

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